What are they? where can they be found? 

Gray diamonds are mined principally in Brazil, Russia, South Africa, and Australia and account for less than 2% of all fancy color diamonds mined in the world. In recent years, more and more people have looked to learn about and understand these unusual gemstones.

Unlike other fancy colors that often show obvious color saturation, gray diamonds tend to show a very subtle shade or tone. They often appear like white stones with a metallic or light bluish tint. For jewelry manufacturers, these stones can be used to produce very unique designs that give consumers the added benefit of exclusivity – sough by so many.

Given their rarity and low cost, gray diamonds provide potential buyers with the opportunity to own a unique and personalized piece of jewelry without needing a large budget. Also, unlike most fancy color diamonds that are traditionally cut into fancy shapes like radiants, emeralds and ovals to maximize color saturation, gray diamonds look very nice when cut into round brilliants. This allows consumers to own a coveted round shape stone, while still owning a unique color diamond. Furthermore, gray diamonds have the added benefit of hiding inclusions inside the stone. Since natural inclusions are often dark or black, a gray diamond of lower quality may appear to show a slightly better clarity when viewed with the naked eye.