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The Top Most Creative (and Outrageous) Products Made with Diamonds - Snuffles the Teddy Bear

From golf clubs to tea bags and pacifiers, designers continue to find new applications for diamonds to bring an added bit of posh into the everyday experiences of their clients here ...

Plush toymaker Gund has an extensive line of stuffed toys for all budgets. However, the most sought-after toy at the Gund booth at the American International Toy Fair in New York Valentine's Day was the $10,000 Snuffles bear. If Tahitian black pearls for eyes and white alpaca fur weren't enough, Snuffles also sports a necklace featuring 10 carats of diamonds on a white gold chain with the company's famed motto, 'Gotta Getta Gund'. Although this bear is the most expensive bear to date which features diamonds, it is far from the most expensive price ever paid for a teddy bear. That prize goes to the Steiff's Louis Vuitton bear, which sold for a whopping $2.1 million at an auction in 2000. 

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Abraham ‘Bram’ Fischler & the Kimberly Process

Abraham 'Bram' Fischler was honored numerous times throughout his life for his many achievements, but more than anything, he should be credited for his pivotal role in establishing the Kimberly Process, a United Nations backed effort to limit trade in rough diamonds to countries that adhere to strict controls and by doing so to prevent diamonds from being used to help finance civil wars. 

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Diamond Profiles: Moshe Schnitzer

 No single name is more closely associated with the Israeli diamond industry than that of Moshe Schnitzer

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Diamond Portraits - Mary Frances Gerety

Mary Frances Gerety is not a name that many people are familiar with, even those in the diamond industry. She produced one of the most brilliant pieces of diamond marketing ever, and all of those working in diamonds owe our livelihoods in part to her

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Diamond Portraits – Tolkowsky Family

 The Tolkowsky dynasty began in the early 1800s with Abraham Tolkowsky, who was a talented diamond and precious gem cutter and dealer. He was well connected, and became a recognized diamond dealer to European nobility.

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