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Mining Contractors

Diamond mining is perhaps one of the least understood parts of our business pipeline. There are many who spend their entire careers working in the diamond industry without ever stepping foot in a mining camp. The truth is that many of the world's best-known diamond miners don't actually do any mining. They may not own a single piece of construction equipment, and may not have a single operator on their payroll. This is often the job of mining contractors, a very important but largely unknown support service in our industry. Let's take a closer look at these businesses that are so important to the production of our raw material.

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Support Services: Transporting Diamonds

Diamonds are the most compact form of wealth in existence, and can be worth more than one hundred thousand times their weight in gold. Few, if any, other assets allow you to carry millions of dollars in your pocket without revealing a thing to others. But of course this makes diamonds a prime target for theft, both large scale and small. Security companies provide a critical service to the diamond industry by providing safe and secure transport of diamonds. Some companies cannot even conduct business without these security agents, as their insurance providers mandate their use. Anyone who has ever walked the diamond district of Antwerp would have noticed the dozens of security people walking the streets with unmarked suitcases of diamonds moving from place to place. Let's take a look at some of the major security companies in our industry and the key role they play.

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Technology in the Diamond Industry: Jewelry Manufacturing

Jewelry manufacturing was once the work of skilled artisans, working mostly by hand. In some countries this is still the case, although technology is finding its way into even the simplest of manufacturing operations. Although many of the products we buy today are mass-produced for a global consumer public, jewelry has not yet gone down that route entirely. Although large retail chains do have assembly line production facilities using high tech tools and equipment to make jewelry, there is still a large element of the industry that remains niche, and that continues to focus on bespoke jewelry for a discerning clientele. However, in operations both large and small, technology is changing the way jewelry is made. Let's look at some of the recent developments and tools employed in the jewelry manufacturing industry. 

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What We Should Learn From Diamond Auction Houses

Diamond auctions drive a lot of attention. When a diamond sells for a record price, it's not just the diamond industry talking about it. The general press tends to pay a lot of attention to these sales, fully exposing the public to the sale results. Beyond the attention, there is a lot we can learn from auction houses' selling methodology that we can apply to our day-to-day diamond selling. The auction model works not only for selling multi-million dollar stones: it's also a model we can use to get the wider public interested in investing in diamonds. 

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10 Tips to Take Better Care Of Your Diamonds - Part 2 of 2

Like any valuable asset, diamonds must be properly maintained in order for them to remain beautiful, and to keep their value. Failure to preserve your diamonds in the best possible condition could ultimately cause your diamond jewelry to depreciate over time. Here is part 2 (read here part 1) of the list showing the most important tips for keeping your jewelry looking its best over all the years that you choose to enjoy it. 

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